Feeding Children at Anganwadi

Feeding Children at Anganwadi

At Parvathaneni Foundation, we believe in nurturing the future by supporting the most vulnerable members of our society, and one of our cherished initiatives is feeding children at Anganwadi centers. We recognize that nutrition plays a pivotal role in a child's physical and cognitive development, and for many underprivileged children, Anganwadi centers serve as their primary source of nutrition. Our commitment to these young lives extends beyond mere sustenance; it's about investing in their health and well-being to ensure a brighter future. Through our Feeding Children at Anganwadi program, we provide nutritious meals and snacks to children, enabling them to thrive and grow in a supportive and nourishing environment.

Our foundation understands that access to proper nutrition during the formative years is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring a strong foundation for education and personal development. We are dedicated to working closely with Anganwadi centers to ensure that every child receives the nutrition they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Alongside our other philanthropic endeavors, such as organizing blood donation camps, delivering medicines to old age homes, providing books to seniors, and beautifying school buildings through painting, our Feeding Children at Anganwadi program is an integral part of our mission to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those in need, particularly children who represent the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

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